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Wastewater Utility Worker Position

Job Description


Under general supervision of the Lift Station Foreman and/or Supervisor,
performs skilled work in the maintenance, repair and/or replacement of sewer lift
station mechanical & electrical control panel equipment, associated piping and
structures. Position will require employee to supervise one or more workers in
such duties and be responsible for such work in terms of quality and production.
Due to the nature of wastewater lift stations it may be necessary at times to work
through normal lunch and break periods. However, these periods will be allowed
after service is restored to lift station or within an acceptable time frame as
determined by foreman Lift Station Supervisor. Position may also require
employee to work unscheduled overtime in order to restore lift station service.
Position will require employee to take part in a rotating emergency call out
schedule and be accountable for responding to and properly handling all after
hour lift station alarms. Position will require employee to exercise sound
mechanical judgement based on technical knowledge and experience.
Perform scheduled maintenance on lift station equipment, piping and
Repair and/or replace lift station motors, pumps, and associated equipment.
Repair and/or replace lift station piping and structures.
Assist electrician in repair and/or replacement of lift station electrical motor
panels and radio telemetry units.
Correctly diagnose lift station problems and be able to instigate proper repair
Work within confined spaces such as sewage wet wells, manholes and "can"
type lift stations.
Operate and maintain equipment in accordance with manufacturer
Diagnose computer generated telemetry reports on status of individual lift
stations and lift station system in general.
Knowledge and skill to operate the telemetry system used for monitoring and
trouble-shooting lift stations and generating associated reports using laptop or
desktop computers.
Knowledge and ability to use a laptop or desktop computer to operate an
electronic work order and asset management system as it relates to maintenance
and repair of lift stations and associated equipment.
Operate hydraulic hoist in the removal and placement of lift station pump motors
and piping.
High school diploma or GED required.
Minimum five (5) years mechanical experience in the repair and maintenance
of pumps, motors, and other associated mechanical equipment (documentation
may be required).
Must be able to adequately perform periodic heavy manual labor under
adverse conditions.
Must have dependable safety and work record.
Preferable to have valid State of Florida Class B Commercial Driver’s License
with Tanker and Air Brake Endorsement.
Applicants who possess a valid out of state driver’s license must obtain a
Florida Driver’s License within 10 days of employment. Wastewater Collection
Technician Class C Certification is preferred.
Knowledge of occupational safety rules and practices as they relate to confined
spaces and mechanical equipment.
Knowledge of general geographic area.Ability to both understand and communicate oral and written instructions.
Ability to instigate, interpret, and complete work order forms.
Ability to perform strenuous work in variety of adverse conditions including
confined spaces.
Skill in the safe operation of associated mechanical and electronic equipment
as it relates to the installation, repair and maintenance of lift station pumps,
motors, piping, and structures. This equipment may include, but not be limited to
hydraulic and/or manually operated hoist, portable power tools, volt/amp meters
and other electronic diagnostic equipment.
Knowledge of scope and function of different types lift stations utilized by City.
Knowledge and ability to break down and repair or rebuild various lift station
pumps, motors, piping, valves, and other equipment associated with the operation
of sewage lift stations.
Ability to deal with the public and fellow employees in a professional and
effective manner.
Ability to supervise one or more employees and be responsible for work
preformed in terms of quality and production.
During the interview process, applicant will be required to take a written skills
and problem solving test administered by the City Personnel Department.
Applicant will also be required to demonstrate skill and familiarity with
troubleshooting simulated problems on actual equipment.
Ability to read and comprehend work orders, equipment/tool manuals, safety
manuals, computer screen, computer print outs, and other printed and/or written
material as it relates to the job.
Ability to understand and comprehend area maps as they relate to lift stations,
sewer mains, and sewage treatment facilities. Also understand and comprehend
pump and/or motor diagrams.
Ability to identify and comprehend colors as they relate to traffic and/or road
signs, safety equipment, utility markings, electrical wiring, pump diagrams, and
other utility related materials.
Ability to hear and understand instructions and directions given in the English
language and spoken in a normal tone of voice with someone face-to-face and
over two-way radio. Hear verbal warnings and basic instructions given by coworkers while working in noisy environments, confined spaces or in the immediate
vicinity of heavy equipment, and/or lift station pumps/motors that are in
Ability to verbally communicate with co-workers and others in the English
language face-to-face and over two-way radio.
Ability to write up work orders, warehouse material requisitions, vehicle service
forms, and brief explanations that relate to job task and/or problems in a legible
and understandable manner.
Ability to type instructions on computer keyboard and use touch-tone
telephone dialing keys in an efficient manner.
Ability to use a variety of manually operated and/or electric/pneumatic
powered hand held tools such as, but not necessarily limited to, socket wrenches,
open end box wrenches, screw drivers, drills, impact drivers, and saws in an
efficient and effective manner. At times, may be required to use such tools while
bending, kneeling, stooping, standing, sitting, and/or stretching. May be required
to use such tools while moving laterally in any of the above-mentioned positions
or while standing on a ladder and/or scaffold. May also be required to use any
such tools while retaining any of these positions for uninterrupted periods up to
two hours.
Ability to lift and carry (up to 100 yd.) items weighing up to 75 lbs. and carry
such items over uneven terrain and load/unload them from vehicle. Lift overhead,
items weighing up to 30 lbs.
Ability to safely set up and operate large tools such as pneumatic jack hammer,
hydraulic and diesel powered pumps, hydraulic and gasoline driven saws, and
other associated tools that weigh between 25 lbs. and 100 lbs. Will be required to
assist and/or work with others in the set up and operation of any such equipment
that weighs over 50 lbs.
Ability to lift and carry items, which are considered hard to grasp and/or hold
on to which, may weigh up to 20 lbs. for extended periods. Ability to walk over andaround cluttered work areas and uneven surfaces and climb up and down ladders
and/or steps. Must be able to set up and work from ladders and scaffolding.
Work while standing on uneven and/or wet surfaces.
Ability to work in confined spaces such as small above ground lift station
structures, underground or "can" type lift stations, lift station wet wells, lift station
valve vaults, sewer manholes and excavated holes/ditches. At times such work
may continue for extended periods.
Ability to work in confined spaces that may have toxic atmospheres while
wearing life line connected safety harness and/or self contained breathing
Ability to work in and around raw sewage while wearing protective gear.
Ability to work during night and/or early morning hours or for extended
periods when required.
Ability to work and perform manual labor for extended periods in all weather
Ability to perform periodic heavy labor as required.
Ability to maintain a professional attitude while working in close proximity with
others in confined spaces and/or under situations of duress.
Ability to participate in weekly rotating "after hours" call out duty that requires
prompt response on a 24 hour bases including weekends and holidays. During
such times responsible decision making is required within the guidelines
of established procedures.
Ability to handle and work around liquid de-greaser and other such solvents.
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $15.00 - $25.00 per hour

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